The four steps to give an acacia table a nice finish


At the Virtual Workbench, each table boasts a top carved from a single solid acacia plank. This wood, imported from Thailand, needs to be given several treatments in order to reveal all its beauty. What are the steps that the cabinetmaker follows to get the impeccable product that is shipped to your home? Here below you can take a look at his daily routine.

Step # 1: Drying

Wood is a living material that reacts to the changes in the air around it by expanding or contracting. When acacia planks are brought from Thailand, their humidity is high and needs to be lowered. In order to do so, they’re placed in a special room where they get dry for at least one month. This way, the wood loses the excess of humidity it absorbed while stored in its country of origin, and adapts to our weather conditions. Sometimes this process might result in small fissures which will be filled in later.


NOTE: It’s at this very moment that we take pictures of the planks we use to manufacture your table, available on the Virtual Workbench. The wood is thus in the rough. It will be enhanced after the completion of all the other finishing steps. You should consider a two-week period for this work to be done.  

Step # 2: Sanding

Using an orbital polisher, the cabinetmaker smooths out any imperfections on the wood to make it completely even and soft to the touch.


Step # 3: Filling

This step aims to fill in any fissures that appeared during the drying step. The cabinetmaker uses an epoxy resin to fill in the fissures. This special product strengthens the split areas and enhances the look of the table as well.

Step # 4: Varnishing

Once the resin is dry, the cabinetmaker applies some sealant in order to prime and harden the surface. He then applies three coats of water-based varnish. This finish highlights the grain and hue of acacia wood, in all its tropical beauty. The drying process takes 24 hours.


There you go. Your table is now ready for packaging and then to be shipped free of charge to your home!